Free t9 dialer for iphone

These secret codes will help you to hack the iphone and allow you. Quickly dial with the builtin t9 dialer that suggests contact numbers as you tap. Pick one from the top 10 dialer apps for iphone and enjoy calling. For us old farts, t9 texting still has a sort of nostalgic allure. Speed dial is the fastest and easiest way to call your contacts from a t9 dial pad, or an attractive and easy to use speed dial grid. Download magic dialer smart t9 dialer and enjoy it on your iphone, ipad, and ipod touch.

Discover the top 10 apps like one touch dial t9 speed dial call your favorite contacts and quick photo dialer app launcher for social networks. Now a new iphone keyboard allows you to text message your friends like its 1999 all over again. Welcome to the start of a brand new week, which also means weve got another roundup of the days best paid iphone and ipad apps on sale for free to share with you. There are four main features of speed dial which you will love. Dial using a t9 dialer with contactsxl for iphone and ipad. All apps rated in this roundup work with any iphone running the iphone 2. Add up to three free themes, which you can easily share with other. This smart dialer app is designed to allow you to use it singlehandedly. T9dialer brings t9 dialing support to the iphones native phone app. Download simpler dialer app for free from app store. This t9 keyboard puts old school texting on your iphone. Add free themes, which you can easily share with other users of the app. Speed dial with t9 keyboard capabilities that searches even foreign characters including slovenian, cyrillic, russian, greek, japanese and. I love the concept of using a t9 dialer to quickly access all my contacts on android, and for the same reasons i talked about an app to get the similar t9 dialer feature on an iphone.

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